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All you need to do is contact us with the services you require, and then we will arrange a convenient time to call. We will also provide a no-obligation quotation over the phone.

When one of our window cleaning team arrives, they will give you an exact estimate before undergoing any work to ensure that you are happy with the cost before they do any cleaning.

We accept cash, cheques or bank transfers, whichever payment method is easiest for you. If you want your windows cleaned regularly, we also accept direct debits and standing orders.

Our full list of prices is here.

Yes, we do. We provide window cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties. We can clean shops, office buildings, apartment blocks, hospitals, care homes and any other commercial building!

Wherever you are based in Surrey, we are here to help. See our list of areas covered.

We use purified water which is filtered through a four-stage deionising filtrating system. Filtered and pure water is proven to absorb the environmental dust and dirt which accumulates quickly on windows and frames.

We also use specialised cleaning brushes and extendable poles for a safe and effective cleaning method. Our non-toxic cleaning products are harmless to plants and pets, and we use extendable poles rather than ladders to prioritise your privacy.

See our cleaning method here.

Yes, we can still clean your windows in light rain and showers, because our water system is proven to dry after a rainy period with no residue or any visible dirt, soap or water suds.